Bodybuilding has reached a new level of competitiveness that we have never seen before.  It has been happening for the past 10 years or so.  The amount of new bodybuilding competitors has truly reached epic proportions.  I can remember when I first started out in this industry there were just a few select individuals at the gym that really took this serious.  Now if you step into any of your local gyms you will see that this number has risen quite dramatically.  Where there was once only one or two guys in the free weight room there are now dozens all lined up in front of the mirrors pumping iron.  You might ask yourself exactly what has caused this to really take off like it has.  Well I think that we can attribute a lot of the growth the social media.  Now more than ever we can share in an instant the results of all of our hard work and effort.  We can send out a picture or a tweet and everyone that we now and some that we don’t can take a look at our well sculpted bodies.
Bodybuilding Supplement Results
This has given bodybuilders that are professional and amateurs a reason to push the limits a little further then they would without all the attention that social media has provided.  I know that we have all logged into Facebook and seen the latest updates on someone after they have just pumped some iron and they are all jacked up.  These selfies are all over social media.  This is the male version of the fish lips.  That would be standing in front of the mirror at the gym and holding your camera in one hand while you put on your best pose while you snap a pic.  Come on now we all know that we have done this at one time or another.  The great thing with this is while it seems funny, it actually provides some great motivation for others who are struggling with their workouts.


Another amazing development in the bodybuilding industry is the evolution of bodybuilding supplements.  We have seen a mad dash by supplement manufacturers to get their products to the shelves in time for this rush of new customers.  There have been some real duds in the ostarine and bodybuilding business and some that have brought some amazing results to those that have used these products.  The next time you are at a GNC really look around at the shelves and notice just how amazing these products look.  They are all designed to grab your attention as you are standing there trying to decide which one will be the magic combination for you.  Now don’t get pulled in just by the fancy labels.  You really need to understand that these products will vary quite a bit from one to another.  Some are going to work for you while other will offer no benefit whatsoever.

Please! By all means ” Read The Labels”.  If you just take a little bit and turn the label over and read the supplements facts then you will save yourself a great deal of frustration later down the road.  If you are looking to really bulk up then you are going to want to stay away from products that have very low calories per serving.  The opposite applies for those of you that are looking to gain only lean muscle mass.  If you fall into this category then you will want to look for products that have very little calories while still containing a high amount of Protein.


Bodybuilding Supplements and Fitness

Must Have For Most Bodybuilders

    • Protein Supplement –  There are a ton of different protein supplements on the market and finding the right one comes down to understanding just how they work.  Protein of course is the building block for our muscles.  Without protein we will not be able to regenerate muscle fibers at a rate that would be acceptable to most bodybuilders.  The different types of proteins consist of Whey Isolates and others.  Whey is probably the most known and used protein on the market today.

    • Creatine –    Creatine helps to bring more water from your body into your muscle tissue.  This will allow your muscles to repair at a much faster pace.  The speed at which your muscle can repair itself will directly effect the size and strength of your muscles.  As with the protein supplements you will find the number of options with creatine just as confusing.  All the labels look impressive.  They will all promise that you will look like the hulk in a manner of weeks.  So just keep a level head hear and be smart.  With creatine it is best to sick with one that has some really good reviews.  I know that some of the cheaper products can give you stomach cramps and just an overall sick feeling before your workouts.



A huge factor for most when starting a workout program is whether or not they set goals and found ways to stay motivated.  This is probably the largest factor and cause for failure when people first start out.  A big must is setting down and laying out a clear vision for what you want to accomplish.  DON’T JUST WING IT! 

Set some goals and be realistic about these goals.  I know far too many guys that will think that they are going to put on 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in the first month.  Unless you have the most perfect set of genes then you are not likely to get that done.  Once you have set some goals then also set some long term goals.  This will give you something to look forward to farther out int he future and will keep you in track once you have started to see some success with your program.

Reward Yourself

Something that I tell everyone that works this hard to gain the body they are looking for is to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while.  Don’t just go out and workout your tail off without allowing yourself any type of reward.  Now I am not saying that after the first week you need to go out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe or a new car.  Just keep it simple and set some little rewarding goals along the way.  I good plan to follow would be to treat yourself to a nice dinner every couple weeks when you reach your goals and stayed on track.  Then once you hit some of your milestone goals about every 3 to 6 months then go a little farther with this.  I know some people that I work with like to buy themselves something nice when they hit a nice goal.  For instance, if you were wanting to loose 20 pounds and gain 10 pounds of lean mass in 6 months and you succeed.  Then you should get yourself a nice reward.  Some guys will buy a new golf club or some clothes.  I’ve heard of guys and gals buying new watches and bikes. There are all types of things you could do to give yourself the incentive needed to keep moving on.


Above all else, ” Enjoy the Journey  “

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